Biotechnology, Biomimcry and Transgenic Clothing

While the image of the electronic human/machine combination or cyborg and artificial intelligence based robots have a long history in transhumanism, an alternative path that engages and looks at existing biological processes and organism is also possible.

The bio approach includes ideas such as using gene therapies to alter physiology, appearance, and cognitive functions, incorporation of other organisms into the human body, general body modification, use of biological concepts in design or biomimcry, and more.

Genetically modified bio-materials will allow us to have glowing neon green snakeskin boots, real bat wings, and much more. But in response to animal rights activism, future biological materials will be grown in labs rather than harvested from living organisms that can suffer and die. Vegan Leather will be trademarked.

As we employ engineered biological materials in our clothing and take control over our own genetic programming, the difference between body and clothes might disappear. Our skin could become a protective layer that covers us and changes form as dictated by environmental conditions. Nanotechnology and biotechnology will merge and allow biological synthesis of nanotech-based metamaterials. Our skin will shield us from radiation, change appearance under control of our thoughts, and provide protection against injury or physical violence. Chameleon skin will allow us to blend in or stand out on command.

In this series of articles we’re going to explore the boundaries of what’s possible, the reality of what’s happening, and visit with some of the artists and thinkers exploring the full range of transhumanist thinking.

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