For forest frolicking electronic beats to make your nano tech wings flutter, check out our 'Bioculture' playlist below. It contains future pop icons such as Purity Ring and Chvrches, who stem thoughts of euphoric aliens dancing with fire flies; Cascine's mellow nymph lullabies from the likes of Ditt Inre, and Wildarms; and ghostly's mix of all things worthy of a cybernetic faun's hallucinating visions.

The sounds curated are recent releases as well as key songs of the year that kept us going throughout production.

And, our favourite ghostly mix worthy of repeat:

What is Future Pop?

FUTURE POP (N.) An electronic based genre with light yet poppy, ethereal vocals, and melodic hints of a hi-tech future or parallel world we have yet to grasp.

WRITTEN BY Bacall Michaels ART by Imperial Boy