I'm quite ill of the common bathing suit, and when something tasty comes across my screen, it's a rare craving to hop into water for once. For the future of swimwear, 3D printed suits have already been invented. However, for ones you can easily get your hands on next year- Auria has created some slick yet flirty designs.

Ethical, the collection is made of "a new generation fabric that can ensure the best technical performance with maximum respect for the environment". This material is Econyl 100% recycled hallow polyamide, coming from things like trashed carpets and nets. To stalk her till they come out, click here.

Oh, and hype the PVC top- I think it's swimmable but it'll need your support for Diana to do them all handmade. Give her a bit of a cheer, and hopefully I can save up a little dough to rock at least two of the looks next year.

You can see the PVC top in action by watching the 'Obedear' Fashion Film for Volume 1.0 of Defiant.

WRITTEN BY Bacall Michaels