Cutting-edge technology can be presented as slick and cool, or incredibly entertaining. Soon, I'll be submerging myself into its sector of robotics and cybernetics. But for now, I've just a lighthearted post of what's to come.

Humanoids are the top of the food chain for artificial intelligence projects. With the creator of the Geminoid in Japan a handful of years ago, these androids are being made to look and act naturally like us.

One day our society will be post-human (nearing even another species), cyborgs, and humanoids... And, If you hop over to Tokyo you may be able to experience it sooner than ancient. But until then, check out a humanoid do something awesome like...Gangnam style!!!

And on another note... Michael Jackson:

The Asimo, the HPR-4, the NAO throwing a tantrum, and more:

WRITTEN BY Bacall Michaels