le Whaf

Synthetic Cuisine by Le Laboratoire

When chocolate will become as coveted as gold, Aerosol Cuisine will take over the culinary world. In order to harness this "immateriality of food and taste," Scientist David Edwards and designer Marc Bretillot invented Le Whaf.

While in Paris, I had the opportunity to head over to Le Laboratoire which is not only a store, but a place to test David's innovation in culinary techniques with artsciencelabs. Underneath was the gallery and bar- where liquid was turned into clouds by Le Whaf.

Poured into a glass, I had to inhale the strongly flavoured air quickly through a special straw:

Only here for a brief taste, I was informed that David has events where they pile clouds on top of each other in edible skins or dinnerwear, and have pocket sized "whifs" available for daily use.

After the bar, I stocked up on Le Whifs from chocolate to air shots of energy for further review.

Check back soon for posts, or buy your own at the lab store online and in Paris.

WRITTEN BY Bacall Michaels