Technology en route to Ready to wear

To the right is just a Cybernetic prop by Dominic Elvin, but it's similar in looks to actual future technology. The father of wearable computing, Steve Mann, invented the "Eye Tap" years ago, and continues to develop it for daily use. The idea of the Eye Tap is also something seen in several sci-fi movies over the years- but like a handful of technology fantasized about in fiction, it exists. Made for Mediated Reality, one sees a combination of the real world and the digital overlaid. Thus the Eye Tap is purely for amplifying reality, to compliment social life rather than change it like Augmented or Virtual Reality.

And, in development at Google, is similar eyewear- yet it's for Augmented Reality to evolve your day.

Named "Project Glass," it's due to be released in 2014:

To learn more about Project Glass, check out Tech Radar for the dirt and Google+ for Updates.

WRITTEN BY Bacall Michaels