Keiichi Matsuda's Real-Time Exhibition

For the V&A, Futurist Keiichi Matsuda took his augmented reality tech, jumbled it up, and collaborated with several graphic designers. His mission was to create the crowd-driving 'Prism' (Digital Art) installation during London Design Festival.

Somewhat an introduction to how we will be able to monitor our surroundings' digital information- the 'Prism' revealed eye-catching live feeds of everything from Boris Bikes to the Thames' water level.

Constructed out of steel and traditional Japanese paper, the Prism hung alongside the guts of the V&A. With its tip poking through the ceiling, only the people who knew where to look up, could spot it. To get closer, a pre-booked tour was in order along with a liability waiver. Up several winding staircases, the Prism was alive in a dark inner space and concluded with its final level revealing a 360° view of the city.

Keiichi explains it best, so watch the video, and see the 'real time' graphics here:

Read more about Keiichi's Augmented Reality projects here, and follow him on

WRITTEN BY Bacall Michaels