Ross Barber is not only cutting-edge in his approach to design, but he always considers the ultimate wearability. Staying on the forefront of technology in fashion, his current mission is to slowly integrate 3D printing into the market- as well as perfect and constantly evolve his technique.

Not alone, Ross is one of the few designers embracing CAD as their design platform. Sponsored by EOS, he created an ingenious mens footwear collection with the guidance of LCF's Digital Studio.

From the release, he's received numerous press, and his shoes have been sent round the world for exhibitions. His shoes have even more recently been the promotional front of the 3D Printshow in London, gracing the pages of Dazed & Confused, Wallpaper* Magazine and various online publications.

Until the 3D printing revolution pops, we've yet to experience his footwear coming out of our own 'printers' or even just to retail. Highly experimental, and with various prototypes- the flexible materials Ross has used are still in development, and not even close to being produced on a larger scale.

Even so, as quickly as the new iPhone comes round, we shall have our hands on more affordable 'printers'. From Cubify to the Ultimaker, we can embrace the technology quicker, but until a higher quality hits the demand mark- even the idea of printing basic tools will be reserved for ultimate luxury.

To make your own print ideas reality now, from the comfort of your home, try Sculpteo's iPhone App, i.Materialise's upload + order, or the Shapeways online shop.

WRITTEN BY Bacall Michaels IMAGES BY Ross Barber