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With the debut of Unicorn Kid's recent music video 'NEED U' the combination of insomnia, Augmented Reality overload, and hallucinogen stemmed fantasies of Tokyo ala Akihabara- hit the screen. After putting the colorful spectrum on repeat, I came to the conclusion that those cyber gals spinning round were the supplement for the four word song of loneliness? As Anime and Manga are an Otaku's life, 'Need U' spews Unicorn Kid's adoration for digital Japan.

Anywho, the [unneeded lol] written lyrics say nothing to what Unicorn Kid conceptualized for his upcoming release. But, with these visuals- I'm instantly spiraled to the idea of the ARis Alice as the next step towards the ultimate social replacement.

The ARis Alice is just the start of many upcoming gadgets which can literally become your best friend. A maid, she enters 'reality' from an iphone or cube- being a simple gateway into the future of Augmented Reality into daily life. She can either cheer you up or settle your perverted thoughts...

ARis came out a few years ago (as expected with Japan) but you can perhaps dig up the software online... With it being for your computer, you'll have to peak into the digital overlaying the real, by webcam. This is augmented reality for now, and in 2014- we'll have Project Glass to take it anywhere.

And, if you're wondering about the hologram equivalent- Japan already has hologram concerts with virtual idol (software voice included) Hatsune Miku:

For fashion, Dita Von Teese was turned into a hologram for Christian Louboutin- at London Design Museum earlier this year:

Far from being invented in the 60s, Holograms are just coming into use and may be apart of our daily Augmented World in a few years. View what the near future may look like, through our previous post on Keiichi Matsuda.

For Unicorn Kid's release of 'Need U', the EP will be out on 3beat come October 1st, 2012.

WRITTEN BY Bacall Michaels IMAGES BY Unicorn Kid