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In the world of nail art, Japan wins every time. With more than 20,000 nail salons (and counting), no wonder they’re on the forefront of new, innovative designs.

For most people in Japan, nail art is a regular monthly treat and a great source of joy to their lives. A ritual most of us could do with picking up, because who doesn’t feel happiness when their nails are as unique as their fingerprints?

Lucky for us, exclusively for Defiant, London nail artist Manami from Kitsune nails has gifted us with an amazing nail tutorial.

THE LASER GIRLS 3D printed nail art is among the latest buzz in the beauty world, and it’s just as futuristic as it sounds. Introducing 3D artists the Laser Girls Sarah C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford, based in New York, skilfully combine their 3D digital art creations and love of cool nail art. Resulting in something so forward thinking, fun and actually wearable, the future of beauty is delightful.

In true art student style, the Laser Girls duo began after taking a 3D printing class together, the rest is history. Melding together their individual concepts, taking inspirational elements from the likes of science fiction, flowers, architecture to robots, there are no limits. Infused into the nails sculptural designs, tangible texture and endless choice in colours and metallics, they truly are wearable works of art.

A sure glimpse into a fresh reboot for nail art, goodbye acrylic, see you later gel, Laser Girls are raising the standards for nails as we know it. We’re just super excited selected nail sets are available to buy now from their Shapeways store, which can be found through the Laser Girls website.

Available in a range of designs (pictured right) including cut outs, chevrons, lumps, bumps and even Lego-ish styles just to name a few, these tactile nails add a virtual quality to an oh, so average reality.

If you want more, be sure to catch them at Defiant’s FashionTech magazine launch party, where we’ll be hosting a live Laser Girl nail bar, complete with Makerbot printers, this NYFW.


If all this nail art talk has tickled your appetite for more, here are some key Japanese salons Defiant loves for spectacular nails. From kawaii to surreal, we’ve got it covered.

JILL & LOVERS Having cute nails makes you happy, fact. Where better else to go than Jill&Lovers? Opened in 2007, they’re homely Shibuya salon vibe, welcomes you like family treating you to the nails of your dreams.

ISOMUUU One to watch, Isomuuu takes nail art ones step beyond, literally. Penning her art past the cuticle and onto the fingers she experiments with marble dribbling paint and even illustrations. Best of all, her latest creation sees a pretend water droplet effect onto clear nails, stunningly realistic.

DISCO NAILS' NAGISA KANEKO For spooky surrealism and soft gore motifs, look for Disco Nail’s vomit pink store, where crystal shines and worn wooden furniture will transport you into every riot grrrls fantasy. If you’re looking for weird, artist Nagisa Kaneko is your girl.

ITA'S COLOR'S YELLOW Anime fans can’t get enough of Color’s, located on the ground floor of Don Qujiote, Akihabara. Just supply an image and let the painfully nerdy art appear on your nails.

CABBAGE MANAMI For 3D sushi nail embellishments, realistic childhood cartoon favourites to sparkly stickers layered like fallen magical confetti, artist Cabbage based in Shibuya, can do pretty much anything.

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