FUJIFILM is the leading Japanese company in instant photography, and much loved throughout cyberspace. Within their lab, they continuously develop photo print technologies, and are determined to keep instant film relevant in a digital age. Their INSTAX MINI 8 collection is not only durable and far greater in quality than any vintage Polaroids, it has become an iconic fashion accessory to the Harajuku elite.

The latest camera to hit stores is the INSTAX 90. An instant photography game changer, the camera has a digital screen with a range of adjustable settings and a 'neo classic' inspired body. FUJIFILM has also released the INSTAX SHARE just for printing smartphone images.

For New York Fashion Week, DEFIANT had the opportunity to throw a party with FUJIFILM and document our experience through several colourful cameras. Check out our scans on the following slides and enter our giveaway at the end for your chance to win a black INSTAX MINI 8.

IMAGES & WORDS by Bacall Michaels


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