Letter from the Editor

This September, DEFIANT leaps into the world of cutting-edge digital publication with our relaunch issue 'Hyper(tech) Tokyo'. Issue 3.0 incorporates this season's fashion within hi-tech themed editorials, social media behind the scenes, a discovery of Tokyo's 24 hour culture (comparable to a DMT trip!) and a look the city's readily available sci-fi technological developments.

Tokyo is an intriguing complex cultural entity, containing clashes of hyper technology and ancient traditions. The Japanese are a culture that is seemingly more accepting of the extreme and weird, allowing themselves to develop, divert and in many cases excel ahead of the western world. The mainstream welcomes outlandish individuality, where encouragement is given, for those who wish, to wear items made for the runway within the everyday. Increasingly large portions of Tokyo youth culture are the main supporters of exciting young western designers and as such have been among the first to wear newly developed fashion tech garments. In addition, shopping is already a keen Japanese hobby, with interactive design and technological elements are already playing a major part of the retail experience.

Japan is also ahead of the curve in incorporating fresh technological and scientific developments within other aspects of their society: the most popular J-pop star to date is a anime hologram that sings through computer generated sounds, with a digital wardrobe designed by Louis Vuitton; robots are being trained to provide care for an increasingly early population for those in need; and mainstream drugstore cosmetics are now incorporating the latest in stem cell research.

Within this issue we cover all these aspects of Tokyo culture and more, much of which forms inspiration to the many lost in cyberspace, whether it be Harajuku girls on Tumblr, the mystics of technicoloured Shintoism, rolling roads of flashing neon signs, or real life Ghost in Shell moments.

Enjoy the world 'Hyper(tech) Tokyo'!

Bacall Michaels, Editor-In-Chief & Creative Director