A Peak at the Heathrow Upper Class Lounge

Virgin has been a favourite for years, and there are solid reasons why. Virgin has resurrected the element of luxury many airlines abandoned in the nineties. Not only do they pride themselves in traditional service, Virgin strives to be innovative, sustainable, and fashionable. I primarily take their flights due to the nonstop ease and comfort, but together with their affordable prices, Virgin levels all competition. There's also a killer frequent flyer point system, that could get anyone addicted to travel. For our trip to Tokyo, we had no other choice but to approach Virgin for our first major travel issue. We booked the tickets and all our details down to the very last minute. Our flight was at a reasonable hour, and we were able to work in the retro-futuristic Heathrow Lounge before being spoiled in our Upperclass feather-beds. The following images are of the Lounge, and a 'Thank you' to Virgin Atlantic for the incredible opportunity.

WRITTEN BY Bacall Michaels